Stephen Skelly

Mental Toughness Coach

Certified Fitness Trainer – Helping People Overcome Their Challenges with Obesity and Health Issues.

Stephen Skelly

About Stephen Skelly

It’s hard to lose weight and get fit, but it’s even harder to keep it off and stay fit. You need to develop the mental toughness to handle the challenge and make a difference. You’ve got to say to yourself with conviction that “I’m not going back, I’ll never go back” to the way things were.


It’s developing the mental toughness that I believe is the key to my success.  That success came from my realization that “people fail at an enormous rate for many reasons, but my belief is they are not mentally prepared for the gargantuan task that lies ahead. This is a 3 pronged process, mental motivation, food discipline, and rigorous exercise. Plain and simple, it’s a fight, and for many, the fight of their lives. It’s not easy; that’s why you better have fire in your belly, passion in your soul, and an uncompromising commitment to win…PERIOD!”


If you’re just plain tired of living the way you are now and want to make a change, the first thing you need before you even try the latest supplement, the latest diet or the latest exercise is getting your mind, body, and soul ready for your transformation. For me, this all started by developing the mental toughness to push through the challenges and mentally focus on the results I wanted. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, and I am ready to help start your journey!

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